Lesson Plans for March 6-10, 2016


Topics:  Advertising Media Test results

Activities:  Students to receive back graded tests; discuss; students will then complete corrections to test as needed.


Topics:  Current averages for 9 weeks and missing work

Activities:  Students will be given a progress report for 3rd nine weeks.  They will be given the opportunity to make up any missing assignments (for a late grade of 70).  They will then take home the progress report to get signed by a parent.  If bring back by Friday, March 10, they will receive an extra 100 in the grade book.


Topics:  Students to become familiar with new vocabulary

Activities:  Students to define assigned vocabulary using the business dictionary online.  Due at the end of class.



Lesson Plans for Feb. 27-March 3, 2017


Topics:  Identify and evaluate elements of advertising media

Activities:  Students to find 5 ads from each of the following:  newspaper, magazine, internet web page, social media site, radio/Pandora-like site.  Students are to then evaluate each ad looking at the the 5 ways to evaluate an ad:

  • Determine whether or not the advertisement fulfills its business purpose.
  • Identify the target audience and measure the advertisement content against the needs of the viewers.
  • Watch or read the advertisement and compare it with the other messages your audience members are getting from competitors and other businesses.
  • Evaluate the design of the advertisement


Topics:  Review of chapter material

Activities:  Students to complete the test review questions using their notes.  If don’t finish in class, for homework.  Due at the first of class Thursday.


Topics:  Reinforcement of chapter material

Activities:  Students will participate in test review game.  Winning students or team will receive 5 bonus points towards their test.


Activities:  Test over Advertising Media and Evaluation of Advertising

Lesson Plans for January 30-February 3, 2017


Topics:  Selling process

Activities:  Students to take notes over the selling process and participate in class discussions.  Assignment:  Students to imagine they are trying to sell season tickets to their local ballpark. After they present the product to their prospects, a middle-aged married couple, they tell you they are very interested but are concerned they might be out of town on some of the weekends when there are home games, and they don’t want their tickets to go to waste. What solutions could you offer to overcome their objections? Discuss answers with class.


Topics:  Selling process

Activities:  Students to take notes over the selling process and participate in class discussions.  Assignment:  Students to answer the following on notebook paper.  Be prepared to share answers with class.

  • What is the difference between a prospect and a customer?
  • Consider the last major purchase you made. Did the salesperson use the seven steps? In what ways could he or she have done a better job? What eventually sold you on the product?
  • Think of a personal interaction in which you sold someone on an idea (e.g., a vacation, a choice of movies, or a date). Explain how the seven steps applied to this particular situation.


Topics:  Selling methods

Activities:  Students to take notes over selling methods and participate in class discussions.  Assignments to follow.

Lesson Plans for January 2-6, 2017


The student analyzes the sale process, techniques used to enhance customer relationships, and the likelihood of making sales.  The student is expected to:

  • explain the selling process
  • discuss motivational theories that impact buying behavior such as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

The student understands how to increase sales by employing visual merchandising techniques and using special events to increase sales.  The student is expected to:

  • explain the use of visual merchandising in retailing
  • distinguish between visual merchandising and display
  • place merchandise for impact
  • plan special events
  • prepare stores and departments for special events


Lesson Plans for December 5-9, 2016


Finish going through paperwork over productivity activity from Friday (Peanut butter and jelly assembly line)


Test review questions over Productivity


Test review questions due.  Students will participate in test review game.  Winning team or top 5 scorers will receive 5 bonus points towards test grade.


Test over Productivity


Test results/ corrections